Tuesday, April 13, 2010


As this happens in the family very recently, I would like to share it here.  Hopefully, my revelation here would be a beneficial insight.

My cousin is only in her early thirties.  Last week she has been diagnosed with osteoporasis.  So, apparently the disease it is not peculiar only to old age.  According to our family doctor, women are at greater risk,  but it can strike at any age irrespective of ethnic and racial origins.

Osteoporosis has been labelled as the 'silent killer' because very often, there are no early warning signs.  The initial sign is normally diagnosed after the detection of bone fracture.  If it is in the early stage, the spread may be curtailed.

But very often, it is diagnosed when the disease is already in the critical stage.  It would be very difficult to prevent from advancing to more serious phase. 

Despite proven statistics, the disease remains to be little understood by the general public and even the medical community. However, there is a general consensus that osteoporosis is largely preventable.

Apparently there seems to a correlation between skin colour and body size to bones vulnerability.  Improper diet, low calcium intake and a history of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa would heighten the risk.  Cigarette smoking, and alcohol may also increase the risk for developing osteoporosis.

The risk increases with the increase in age.  This is because as one aged, more bone gets broken down at a faster rate than it is being formed again. Thus, causing a loss of density and strength.

Incidentally, the rate of bone loss accelerates in women as they enter menopause.   Nevertheless, no matter what one's age,  one could also lose bone mass as the result of certain medical conditions and medications. They can seriously affect the process of bone formation and cause or speed the development of osteoporosis.

Nevertheless, osteoporosis is preventable.  Medical statistics supported that calcium and vitamin D are two of the best life-long defenses against osteoporosis.

Of course then, we need to ensure adequate intake of calcium.  But to ensure sufficient intake of calcium in our diet is not easy.  Perhaps, a relatively easier mean would be to resort to calcium supplements.


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