Thursday, April 7, 2011


There are too many sad incidents.  They are getting more scary.  It gave the picture that we are not adequately protected.  I really find it hard to swallow.  How could another citizen plunged to death?

It is really disheartening, and a cause for ceoncern.  I quote the breaking news below:
A senior Customs officer died at the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) Building in Jalan Cochrane, The Star, a Malaysian newspaper reported.

It is thought that he fell from the 3rd floor of the building. His corpse was discovered on the first floor open-air badminton court at 10.20am, Wednesday.

The deceased was 56-year-old Selangor assistant director Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed, according to the MACC. The man was under MACC investigation for graft related to unpaid taxes.

Ahmad came to the MACC building earlier in the morning, requesting to see the investigating officer who was engaged in a meeting. He waited at the lobby and then later with an officer.

At one point, the officer left Ahmad's company to call the investigating officer. When the officer came back, he could not find Ahmad. A bit later, Ahmad's dead body was discovered.
How could that be?


Anonymous said...

Another sad incident indeed!
We really need to check & rectify!

Nori said...

Salam Asan.
Saya sungguh sedih dengan peristiwa seperti ini!

Sanna said...

Salam Asan.
Ya, satu lagi tragedi ngeri!

CIKDAH said...

Aslmkm Asan.

KUYA said...

Salam Asan.
Adoi! Macam2 yang pelik & sedih berlaku!

KAKIAH said...

Salam Asan.
Peristiwa sedih yang tidak harus berlaku!

Ari said...

Salam kenal.
Sedihnya perkara seperti ini berlaku di negara kita!

RAISA said...

Salam Asan.
Sungguh menyedihkan!

ALIA said...

Salam kenal.
Masuk melalui blog rakan blogger! :)

RAM said...

Salam Asan.
Sungguh sedih. Sudah meninggal, macam cerita tak baik pula dikatakan orang. Ada manusia jahat tidak sensitif langsung dengan keluarga si mati!