Thursday, June 24, 2010


As a Sarawakian, I am quite pleased to hear that The Sarawak National Party (SNAP) had succeeded in setting aside its de-registration.  I hope it is good for Sarawak.

I quote the related news  in its entirety below:
PUTRAJAYA: The Sarawak National Party (SNAP) has succeeded in getting the Court of Appeal to set aside its de-registration by the Registrar of Societies (ROS), eight years ago.

The court on Wednesday also ordered ROS to pay RM10,000 costs.

Justices Datuk Zainun Ali, Datuk Ramly Ali and Datuk Zaharah Ibrahim unanimously allowed the appeal brought by SNAP’s then-deputy president Datuk Justine Jinggut against a High Court dismissal of his bid to quash the ROS decision.

The ROS de-registered Snap on Nov 5, 2002, following the party’s failure to resolve its protracted leadership crisis since April that year, and was dissatisfied with the office-bearers constituted because of the internal dispute.

Jinggut then filed a judicial review of the ROS ruling but that was dismissed by the High Court on Sept 15, 2006.-Bernama
Rumours is rife that the state election would be called anytime sooner than later.


BID said...

Lagi idup lagi ngelaban! Betul ke tu? Ke Ngap Sayot? :)

Zizaq said...

Salam Asan.
Hope so too. All the best!

ROHA said...

Salam Asan.
SNAP tu memang lebih baik utk orang Sarawak ke?

KERI said...

Salam ASAN.
SNAP tu bukan parti orang Iban Dayak ke? Nape, lebih baik orang Iban terajui pucuk pimpinan ke?

CIKDAH said...

Semalam dengar CM Taib Mahmud dah suruh bersiap sedia utk pilihan raya .. kalau SNAP lawan boleh menang?

Anonymous said...

Aslmkm ASAN.
Sorry ya ... gaguk gilak!
Hmmm, SNAP election? Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Lalu jer ler. :)

SITIJA said...

Salam Asan.
Tak lama lagi election la tu. :)